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​​Ransomware Removal

How ransomware attacks your network

Ransomware threats and attacks are targeting an increasing number of companies. The likelihood of being infected by ransomware has increased as criminals have become more advanced and successful in their attempts.

Being infected with ransomware is not always easily recognizable. An employee could log in one day only to realize their computer is locked out, their files and data are encrypted, and are no longer accessible. This leaves your business at the mercy of the attacker, who promises to give you the decryption key in exchange for a hefty sum of money, a ransom.

However, your organization should not trust these criminal's claims nor pay the ransom. Paying the fine could result in legal fines and penalties and this also increases the attacker's resources. Our team can work with your company to decrypt infected files and prevent the ransomware from spreading further.

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Nocturnal Technologies fights Ransomware

We have varied experience working with decrypting ransomware and restoring access to company assets. Our experts are equipped with the correct tools and advanced training to properly navigate this form of cyberattack and help prevent this from happening to your business again in the future.

Partner With Nocturnal Technologies

Many times we have worked with companies who attempted to resolve a ransomware attack in house, only to have the malicious program spread and infect their files again a few weeks later. The downtime and halt in operations caused by a ransomware attack is a costly interruption to business operations and client relationships. Do not neglect potential ransomware files you have identified in your network, this issue needs to be promptly resolved.

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