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Why SSD’s are not just for Laptops Anymore

Solid state drives (SSD’s) are probably the biggest boost to overall computer performance that computers have seen in a long time.  Ultimately computers are only as good as they are there slowest or most lacking component.  Years ago, when asked how to make a computer run faster, the advice given was to always add more RAM so everything could run in memory.  Today when someone asks how to speed up a computer we always recommend replacing traditional hard drives with SSD’s. This, along with a proper amount of RAM, can revive even some of the oldest computers that still have life left in them.

Benefits of SSD’s are

  • No mechanical components – Traditional hard disk drives (HDD’s) have rotating disks and read write heads inside them.  This is similar to the way a record player works. 
  • Extremely fast read and writing of data – SSD’s can read and write data 1000 times faster than a traditional HDD. This means that a computer will boot in less than 10 seconds, applications will load nearly instantly, and documents will open and save instantly.
  • Durable – Without mechanical components, SSD’s are more rugged.  They can handle higher temperatures, vibrations, and can even handle being dropped.  Just think about the last time your lap top fell off your lap or the table. 
  • Energy efficient – Without mechanical components, an SSD will consume less than half of the power than a HDD will to perform the same operation. 
  • Cost – SSD’s are now cheaper than they have ever have been. 

To summarize, huge gains in productivity can be achieved by only spending pennies more for a faster storage disk when moving up to an SSD.    Not to mention that SSD's run cooler, are more durable, and use less energy than traditional HDD's.  This is why all laptops, PC’s, and most servers that Nocturnal Technologies sells or recommends have SSD’s in them today. 

Copyright 2020 Nocturnal Technologies

Copyright 2020 Nocturnal Technologies