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Nocturnal Technologies is your trusted, local provider of Linux support and Linux consulting services in the Wheaton, IL area. When you partner with us, you will get quality Linux installation and customization services to help you accomplish your computing goals. Contact us today to speak to Linux consultant.

What is Linux and why is it important?

Linux is an operating system just like Windows. However, Linux is built differently and with different goals. Windows powers most corporate laptops and is used for business functions. Linux, on the other hand, can be found on most web servers as an open-source operating system that allows you to customize the code to suit your needs.

While Linux can be difficult to install, it can accomplish tasks much easier than Windows. As an open-source platform, Linux has a huge community of support and can receive updates as they are available and without a required reboot. Linux also provides a higher level of security compared to Windows.

When you partner with us, we can make Linux installation and customization easy. We have access to Linux specialists and can help you find the best version of the system to help your IT environment run effectively.

Our Linux support and consulting benefits

Because Linux differs so drastically from Windows, you need a professional Linux engineer to help you maintain your environment properly. Here are a few of the benefits we provide when you partner with us for Linux support and consulting:

  • Regular patches: You don’t want to find yourself with the latest patch and an incompatible application. We can help you test patches before installation and create an install schedule. 

  • Specialized support: Not only can we help you choose and install the right version of Linux, but we also offer support to help you maintain it. We can make changes as needed and keep your system secure. 

  • Specialized consulting: Buying a new system will do little to help your business if it can’t provide the functionality you need. We will take a deep dive into your systems and invest the time to understand your unique business. That way, you won't waste time, money or effort on a solution that doesn't offer the most value to you. 

Remember: Just because someone can set up a new system and get it running doesn’t mean they did it right. Linux can be complex, and you need an expert to ensure it is implemented correctly. We have a professional team of Linux experts who can set the right configurations for your system to ensure stability and security.

Partner with us

Linux systems are very powerful and can help you achieve your business goals. We can help you choose the right system, or provide guidance for your existing system, so you can take the most advantage of what Linux can do.

Nocturnal Technologies is your trusted, local provider of Linux support and consulting in the Wheaton, IL area. When you partner with us, you'll get a reliable partner that can help you reach optimal efficiency. Contact us today to see how a Linux environment can benefit your operations.

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Since 2002, Nocturnal Technologies has been serving its clients in Chicago and the the surrounding area.  We pride ourselves on using tested, proven, and tried and true technology solutions. These are solutions that we not only recommend to you, but ones that we also use.

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