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Dark Web Monitoring|Westmont, IL

Nocturnal Technologies provides Dark Web monitoring services and Dark Web scans for businesses in the Westmont, IL area.  If you want to protect your digital assets from cybercriminals, we are your go-to company.

Most conventional search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, and others only show us search results from the Internet's safe zone. The other zone is called the Deep Web. The Deep Web is an Internet sub-layer where networks from military, banks, and all other private networks reside, including the Dark Web. The Deep Web is said to be 95% of the entire Internet, and almost 50% of which is the Dark Web.

The Dark Web holds as much as 500x the data than all the typical search engines combined.  Most of these data are information stolen by resident hackers. A cybercriminal can buy things like credit card data, account credentials, government classified information, financial reports, and many more types of valuable information.

Cybercriminals on the Dark Web use cryptocurrency to transact online which makes them untraceable and completely anonymous.


Over the years, the cost of damage by data theft has gone up to $4 trillion, and this number grows every year. A security agency reports that over 60% of the victims were from small to medium-sized businesses. These businesses are the hackers' low-bearing fruit as they merely implement security to protect their networks, which makes them an easy target.


Our services include monitors that run 24/7 across social networks. We will monitor your company's digital assets on chat sites, the Dark Web, IRC, and the Deep Web. We also scan other sites, ensuring that your information remains safe across the board.

  • 365 Dark Web monitoring of business domains
  • Instant alerts of potential security breaches and hacks
  • Monitoring of hacker sites, chatrooms, and social media
  • Security awareness training for employees
  • Cybersecurity best practices implementation


Today’s resource-constrained security teams must focus on threat detection and response. When you introduce a new security technology like Dark Web monitoring, you want it to show results right away, especially if your organization is at risk from user credentials stolen or leaked in third-party breaches. You can depend on the experts at Nocturnal Technologies to manage, monitor and maintain your technology day and night, so you can take care of business while we secure your digital assets.

Copyright 2020 Nocturnal Technologies

Copyright 2020 Nocturnal Technologies