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Nocturnal Technologies is your trusted local provider of application whitelisting solutions and services in the Westmont, IL area. When you partner with us, your organization will have much greater control over the software allowed to run on your computers and systems, keeping your business more safe and secure. Contact us today to speak to an application whitelisting consultant.


Avoid exposing your network to malware

When you restrict access to your network, your organization gains the ability to keep the bad guys out while letting the good guys in. This goal is best achieved with the help of professional application whitelisting services.   

With Nocturnal Technologies' application whitelisting services, you can: 

  • Prevent malware from running on your systems
  • Immediately spot any unknown program in your systems
  • Utilize threat detection reports to keep you updated
  • Block suspicious and unknown software

Additionally, we understand how to identify pitfalls your company might face early in the process. Our knowledge of phased deployment is of immense help in preventing unforeseen problems.

Why application whitelisting services are important

Imagine your network is an exclusive club where only those on the guest list or in good standing with the hosts are welcome. Similarly, application whitelisting works like an event you can't enter because your name isn't on the list.

Application whitelists lock down computers to ensure only authorized apps are allowed to run. This is also called a trust-centric approach. It works on the logic that hackers are already present, so you should take on as much of a defensive posture as possible.

Therefore, only the "known good" applications should be running on your systems. Proper use of whitelisting ensures the safety of your systems and protects them from spying apps, ransomware and much more. We have created enough application whitelists to identify which providers should be trusted in your network.

A whitelisting plan is essential

A step-by-step planning process is essential for a successful deployment, and we can help you in each phase. We can help you perform some of the essential tasks needed to achieve security via application whitelisting, such as:

  • Software inventory
  • File monitoring
  • Incident response
  • Access streamlining

The first step is to identify the programs and processes needed to operate the business. The goal is to achieve the right balance between security and usability.

To successfully protect your systems, the whitelist should allow programs necessary for normal work operations. Conversely, it should block any suspicious or redundant apps.

Two vital considerations should guide your choices:

  • The job roles that exist in the system
  • The necessary background functionality

Our first goal is to take an inventory of your apps and processes with a magnifying glass verifying which ones are required to run your business.

Whitelist best practices

To enhance both the usability and security of your systems, the whitelist can be defined in two ways. Firstly, there's the individual, person-by-person basis. This works for smaller companies where only a small number of people have access to company devices.

Otherwise, the role-based approach works much better. In this method, we go through your system, isolate specific roles and descriptions, and give them permission to use only certain apps. It reduces your vulnerability to cybersecurity threats by not only creating a stronger system but also making sure your employees can't accidentally endanger your network.

A whitelisting program is only as good as the list itself. We'll help ensure it's set up correctly.

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To create an effective whitelist program, you need experienced professionals to audit and review what software should be allowed or installed on your system. We are the team you're looking for. Contact us today to learn more.


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