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Nocturnal Technologies is your trusted local IT Helpdesk support services company in the Naperville, IL area. Our IT Helpdesk services team will support your business with all your technology needs while ensuring a superior customer experience, so you can focus on the success of your company. Contact us today!

Benefits of Outsourcing IT Helpdesk and Support

You have only one chance to make a first impression

Outsourcing IT helpdesks is a common alternative to operating an in-house IT team because it not only to saves money but also provides an invaluable means of strengthening customer loyalty.

Your helpdesk and IT assistance provide a direct link between customers and your business. In fact, studies have shown that the main reason customers leave companies is that they feel underappreciated. Your helpdesk is the key point of contact that can influence this decision.

A well-run helpdesk can also be a competitive advantage by differentiating you from competitors because of the positive experiences you provide.

Nocturnal Technologies' IT Helpdesk features include:

Team of experts and key helpdesk technologies

IT operational costs are no laughing matter. On average, companies regularly spend about 3.2% of their entire budget on IT alone. Also, the cost of paying the premium salaries of full-time IT staff is burdensome, especially for small and mid-sized businesses.

At Nocturnal Technologies we have a team of experts in diverse areas of technical expertise who will be at your disposal, at the fraction of the cost of hiring and keeping a single full-time IT employee.

We have already invested in the requisite helpdesk technology so you don’t have to, which further brings down your cost of operations. Our helpdesk suites of software include chat and remote access tools, monitoring and system management tools, service catalogs, advanced telephony systems, workflow automation, and more.

Outsourcing firms like us operate at scale. Therefore, we are able to charge you less money because we can negotiate better deals with third-parties services and IT helpdesk equipment manufacturers. These tools and capabilities reduce your operational cost as well.

Elimination of helpdesk turnover worries

Because their job description involves handling technical inquiries and helping to resolve issues of a technological nature, the staff manning your in-house helpdesks usually have broad software and hardware knowledge.

While this is great for customers, it is not necessarily good for you. Because these technical skills are in high demand, your competitors and other employers are constantly scheming how to poach them away with lucrative job offers you may find difficult to match.

With Nocturnal, you won't have to worry about turnover or understaffing. We got you covered, always.

Ticketing system and incident resolution mechanisms 

The central purpose of your helpdesk is to provide a general and holistic approach to addressing customer issues. Our ticketing system will help you achieve this by providing you with the means of creating documentation that acts as a knowledge-base to help diagnose problems quickly.

Our capable incident resolution mechanism also allows you to track, prioritize and dispatch tickets to the appropriate people while providing access to additional capabilities like IT asset management or problem management.

This system will reduce inefficient allocation of resources often seen with in-house IT departments, as engineers paid premium salaries won’t be distracted from their high-value IT work to resolve helpdesk problems. Instead, we increase the availability and capability of your high-resource staff by freeing them to focus on developing high-value, cutting-edge applications.

Service level agreements (SLAs)

Our company provides accountability with our outsourcing through SLAs. These have benchmarks for agreed-upon service levels that are quantified and measurable. Although SLAs often vary by ticket type, the underlying goal is invariably to achieve fast resolution and quick provisioning times.

You can receive reports on these goals on a monthly basis to transparently review our level of achievement as well.

Let’s Get started

If you need a reliable and experienced firm to provide your organization with a responsive IT helpdesk and support, look no further. We excel at what we do, and we look forward to exceeding your expectations with the following IT helpdesk benefits:

  1. Reducing IT operational costs

  2. Maximizing your customers’ satisfaction by attentively catering to their needs

  3. Providing quick problem resolution and fast issue turnaround times

  4. Providing predictable and fixed pricing

  5. Creating a knowledge base of documentation

  6. Reducing ticketing volumes and shortened response times

  7. Offering a well-rounded team of experts to provide a wide range of technical assistance

  8. Supplying effective ticket troubleshooting

  9. Eliminating the problem of a high helpdesk turnover rate 

If you are looking for superior IT helpdesk support, contact us today!   


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