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Right now, as you're reading this, you could be the target of a data breach.  Whether you like it or not, the bad guys are lurking in the shadows of the Internet and they are trying to gain access to your business.  You need to be protected or you could be at risk of something as simple as a virus or as catastrophic as a full data breach, which can significantly impact your business.

We offer network security consulting and auditing services and proudly serve Lombard, IL. Our network security consultants can help you identify weaknesses and vulnerabilities in your network and offer solutions to remediate these issues, keeping your network and valuable data safe.

Recent studies have shown that 66% of small businesses would shut down if they experienced a data breach.  The costs of data breaches are staggering, to say the least, with the cost exceeding $200 per record of personally identifiable information stolen.  For example, if your business suffered a data breach and 1,000 records of personally identifiable information were stolen, you would be on the hook for a $200,000 fine.  Not a pretty sight.  Most businesses cannot survive this cost alone.

Furthermore, let's not forget about other threats such as Ransomware, which creators can demand thousands of dollars to unlock each computer that is affected.

Being protected is not just a matter of using anti-virus and crossing your fingers.  Think about all the information you have in your computers.  Credit card and bank account numbers, personal, customer and employee information such as phone and social security numbers, email and physical addresses, perhaps any medications they're taking, home or car insurance information, who their relatives are, trade secrets, intellectual property, manufacturing processes, software source code, etc.

You get the point.  There's no such thing as too much security.

Various branches of the federal government have recommended security practices for small businesses, but few have noticed and even fewer are capable of implementing the recommendations.

Here are some things to consider:

  • Do you know if your firewall blocks all unnecessary traffic or does it just let everything through?  Does it filter content to be sure that it is not malicious?

  • Are your wireless networks secured from man in the middle attacks?  Are you using the latest security protocols?

  • Are your workstations secured so that viruses and malware cannot be installed on them?
  • Do you have backups of your data and do you know for sure that these backups are even running properly?

  • Do you allow mobile devices to access your companies resources?  Have you secured your company’s data on these mobile devices?

If you are unsure of whether your network ​is secure, click the button below and let's schedule a time to talk so we can help address your concerns.

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Copyright 2020 Nocturnal Technologies