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HIPAA Compliance | Lisle, IL

The Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) is a US law that provides privacy standards to protect patients' medical records and other health information provided to health plans, doctors, hospitals and others involved in the health care industry.

HIPAA compliance costs the health care industry $8.3 billion per year. The average physician spends about $35,000 per year in technological HIPAA support, to comply with the following rules:

  • Privacy
    Protected health information (PHI) must be safeguarded from misuse and disclosure. HIPAA also establishes a patient's rights to access PHI and correct erroneous PHI.
  • Security
    PHI must be safeguarded from electronic and physical theft.
  • Breach Notification
    Affected patients must be notified if a security breach occurs.
medical hipaa compliance

Do you need to comply?

Many believe that HIPAA law is only applicable to doctor's offices and hospitals, but that is not the case. Business associates are a much broader group and can encompass entities like third party claims processing administrators, and accounting or legal firms serving healthcare providers. These business associates need to observe HIPAA compliance if they have access to PHI arising from a contractual or a business relationship with the provider.

Working with PHI requires you to take additional precautions to prevent data mishandling that may lead to data breach and data theft.  Failure to comply can lead to litigation and significant penalties that can have a major impact on your organization.  This is why you need a HIPAA compliance expert to help ensure your business is immune from these potential threats.

HIPAA Compliance Consulting Services

Very few covered entities have the budget or internal resources to handle HIPAA compliance in-house. Plus, it only makes sense for covered entities to focus on medicine and medical business, and let the computer experts at Nocturnal Technologies focus on privacy, security, and breach notification.

We provide HIPAA compliance consulting services to companies in the Lisle, IL area. Our HIPAA compliance consultant can support your business in achieving and maintaining HIPAA compliance! Partner with us to leverage our expertise in computer security and privacy to support your HIPAA compliance efforts.  Contact us today to learn more.


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