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Data Exfiltration Prevention
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Nocturnal Technologies is your trusted, local provider of data exfiltration prevention solutions and support services in the Lisle, IL area. When you partner with us, you will get expert consultation to see how we can help keep your data safe from hackers that want to steal it.

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The danger of data exfiltration

Cyberattacks don’t always look like your computer crashing or something glaringly obvious. Sometimes attacks go unseen, such as data exfiltration attacks. These occur when a hacker or someone on the inside removes data from your computer network either through direct action or a malware program.

How does data exfiltration occur?

Below are some of the following ways data exfiltration can happen. We can help you prevent these and other threatening situations:

1. Employees falling for phishing attacks

Phishing is the most popular way to trick an employee into downloading an attachment or clicking a link with a virus attached.

Using email to send data outside of your company

2. Using email to send data outside of your company

Attackers use email to go unnoticed when stealing information.

3. Downloading data to an unprotected device

When a device is unprotected/unmonitored, you have no way of knowing that data is being stolen.

Uploading data to an external drive/device

4. Uploading data to an external drive/device

This happens when someone on the inside wants to steal data by downloading it to a non-corporate device.

5. Performing incorrect actions on cloud devices

When users access the cloud in an insecure manner, the machine they are connected to gives attackers an opportunity to make changes on the machine.

How does data exfiltration occur?

The purpose is to sell it or use it against you. Companies that become victims of these attacks can also expect a negative impact on their reputation, loss of business, possible regulatory fines and more. If your company didn’t take the right steps to protect your data, you could be in even more trouble in the event of an audit. Fortunately, we are here to mitigate risks and prevent those costly events from taking place. 

Nocturnal Tech helps you prevent data exfiltration

Creating plans and using tools to identify malicious behavior can be difficult. The simple answer is to partner with a managed service provider like us. We will take ownership of the process to plan and secure your data. We know the best technologies to use and how to train your employees to spot a fake email. 

Among other solutions, we can set up:

  1. Intrusion detection systems

  2. Email monitoring

  3. Security awareness training

  4. Procedures for locking down ports on computers and other devices to prevent data from leaving 

  5. And more 

Keep your data safe from cybercriminals with Nocturnal Tech

Keeping your data secure is not only important - it is a must. We know all of the tricks an attacker can use, so we know how to stop them.

We have been providing data exfiltration prevention services in the Lisle, IL area since 2002. When you partner with us, we will determine the best plan to keep your data safe. Losing data to an attacker could mean the end of your business. Contact us today to help stop that from happening!


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