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Nocturnal Technologies is a trusted local Certified Ethical Hacking services and support company in the Carol Stream, IL area. Our CEH has successfully completed the required training and examinations at an Accredited Training Center and has performed many ethical hacking projects for our clients, focusing on the latest malware attacks, the latest hacking tools, and the new emerging attack vectors in cyberspace. Contact us today to learn more.

What is a Certified Ethical Hacker?

A Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) is an information security professional who is trained and certified to identify network vulnerabilities using the same tactics and tools as a malicious hacker, but in legal and legitimate way. A certified ethical hacker can help protect your business from malicious hackers and data breaches by assessing your security posture. This assessment involves performing penetration testing of your network to look for weaknesses and vulnerabilities.

Why you need a Certified Ethical Hacker

In 2019, data breaches exposed nearly 165 million sensitive records. All kinds of IT devices were attacked, including Windows and Apple computers, smartphones, tablets and other connected devices. In 2020, there was further escalation of cybercrime driven by the COVID-19 pandemic and more sophisticated cybercriminals.

According to the SBA, small and mid-sized companies are prime targets, with over half of small businesses becoming victims. And 60% of the victims don’t survive an attack. The average cost to SMBs skyrocketed from $8,600 per episode in 2013 to almost $21,600 today. Criminals hit some organizations multiple times, repeatedly targeting them in efforts to steal their customers' and employees' personal information, spy on their business secrets or merely drain their bank accounts. 

Like many victims, you might think your business is already protected. There are several reasons why this may not be true. One of the biggest is that traditional antivirus tools, many of which are still in use, were designed for simpler times when there were only a few kinds of malware threats. Today, there are at least nine types, including ransomware (the most notorious), that aren't detected by traditional AV software and legacy tools. 

With cyberattacks skyrocketing worldwide, it may be a good time for you to leverage a certified ethical hacker to from Nocturnal Technologies to complete a network penetration test to assess your company’s security vulnerabilities.

Nocturnal Technologies ethical hacking practices

With the proliferation of newer, more sophisticated threats every year, our certified ethical hackers recommend our clients make penetration testing a top priority.  Our best-practice network penetration testing services include: 

Penetration Testing

Pre-test stage.

The most efficient way to perform pen testing is to design and execute a series of repeatable and methodical tests. These tests are broad enough to cover all the possible vulnerabilities in your system or network and are carried out systematically to ensure adequate testing of all areas.

During the pre-test stage, our ethical hackers gather all relevant information on the application or network as well as the infrastructure it resides on.

Test Stage

Test stage. 

Our ethical hackers first execute an infrastructure-level penetration test to check the deployment and security level of the underlying infrastructure. If it's possible to exploit the application servers, it would be much easier to exploit the web application. 

During the testing, our testers first evaluate the vulnerabilities present in entry points where dynamic content is generated, and user input is accepted.


Post-test stage.

If any vulnerabilities are discovered during the course of testing, we immediately notify your system administrator or management personnel. Once testing is complete, our ethical hackers record the results, report all vulnerabilities found and provide risk assessments for said vulnerabilities.

Savvy businesses and enterprises leverage outsourced certified ethical hackers to perform penetration testing of their web applications, network, computer systems and other endpoints. By leveraging the services of our certified ethical hackers at Nocturnal Technologies, you can rest assured that your company's digital assets are safe from the exploits of malicious hackers and cybercriminals. We follow industry best practices at every point during the process. Contact us today to learn more.


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