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Server Virtualization
Bloomingdale, IL

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Nocturnal Technologies is your trusted local server virtualization company in the Bloomingdale, IL area. We provide server virtualization support and consulting services to help your business become more efficient, secure and productive. Call us today to learn more about our server virtualization services.

Why Use Server Virtualization Support and Consulting?

Server virtualization is a force multiplier

If you are a savvy business that believes in maximizing the return on your investment, then server virtualization ought to be a no-brainer.

Most physical servers don’t take advantage of modern server computers' raw processing power. However, the services we provide ensure that your machines’ capabilities aren’t left idle. Here's how we do it.

Creation of virtual servers based on customer specification

Nocturnal's in-depth knowledge of virtualization allows us the flexibility to create virtual servers based on your specifications. We can advise and accommodate requests on preferences such as memory allocation, CPU processing power, CPU reservation, disk space and underlying operating system.

Our company can also accommodate you with either type 1 or type 2 hypervisors, depending on whether you want your virtual machine to run on bare metal or on top of an OS. If you so desire, we can enable you to run multiple virtual machines using different operating systems on the same server as well.

Workload rebalancing and server health monitoring

Workload rebalancing and server health monitoring

We navigate the difficult details of managing server virtualization, so you don’t have to. For example, we can live-migrate running virtual machines from one physical server to the next without your business suffering any downtime. 

You’ll also benefit from 24/7/365 infrastructure monitoring of your server virtual environments, which encompass the storage, network and management software components. These features are enabled by our ability to optimize virtual environments with our state-of-the-art monitoring and management software.

We also constantly check on the health of your servers, monitoring for any bottlenecks in performance and implementing workload rebalancing to rectify it. Moreover, because the server virtualization abstracts or takes away hardware, we enable your business to move to the cloud. This cloud readiness is also enhanced by our easy data migration and software mirroring capabilities.

Proactive maintenance of system infrastructure components

One of the advantages of virtualization is it frees up the time and effort that physical infrastructural maintenance takes. We accomplish this without degradation in performance or disruption to your business. Under the umbrella of our proactive offerings is also automated virtual machine provisioning and patch application - without service interruption.

Additionally, we provide user-friendly portals so you can view your virtual server statistics. These tools make it easy and efficient for us to determine your prevailing compute capacity (disk, memory, CPU) and decipher whether there are any constraints your resource-intensive virtual machines are causing.

Our expertise includes all aspects of the virtual service enterprise structure, including remote administration of virtual machines.


Server virtualization is a sophisticated task that you can’t afford to leave to amateurs, so partner with an experienced consultant. Nocturnal Technologies has been an accomplished provider in the Bloomingdale, IL area for over 20 years.

Contact us today for all your server virtualization needs.

Nocturnal Technologies will provide your business with these amazing virtualization benefits:

  1. Reduced cost and space of physical servers through the consolidation of resources
  2. Maximized use of your server capacity and capabilities
  3. Faster deployment, replication and provisioning of additional servers
  4. Increased efficiency and simplified disaster recovery.
  5. Elimination of server sprawl
  6. Increased server availability and reliability

Why Nocturnal?

Since 2002, Nocturnal Technologies has been serving its clients in Chicago and the the surrounding area.  We pride ourselves on using tested, proven, and tried and true technology solutions. These are solutions that we not only recommend to you, but ones that we also use.

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