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Security as a Service

Security as a Service (SECaaS) provides businesses with a flexible and scalable security solution, and its subscription-based model helps control costs. It helps businesses of all sizes tackle many of the challenges of today's technology. 

Nocturnal Technologies is your local, trusted Security as a Service company in the Bloomingdale, IL area.  As your SECaaS provider, you can be rest-assured of having the best, most cost-effective SECaaS solution for your business.  Contact us today to get started!  

About Security as a Service

Technology continuously evolves, creating new tools for businesses to become more productive. Many can become frustrated when cyber security seems to make advances more slowly than other areas of technology. That's not necessarily true, however. Security experts do develop new tactics and methods for reducing exposure in threat detection and monitoring.

But, cyber criminals also benefit from the advances, and can spend all of their time targeting businesses for disruption while those companies have other things to do. Catch up and thwart the bad actors by migrating security to a third party through a SECaaS model.

Reasons to use Security as a Service 

 With increased cloud usage and reliance on connectivity, businesses need reliable and adaptable cyber security. Using a third-party external service may seem risky, but there are many reasons to trust outsourced security. A primary reason is expertise. Smaller businesses often lack the resources for full-time IT staff, let alone security experts. Even medium- and large-size enterprises, however, frequently cannot effectively monitor their systems all the time. With SECaaS, your organization can focus on the business. 

The benefits of subscription-based delivery 

 In the past, businesses would buy equipment or software licenses as a one-time expense. In the case of equipment for storage, for example, that investment could be a barrier to growth. Similarly, costly software licenses could also drive a wedge between smaller businesses and larger ones. 

 When security is delivered as a subscription-based service, it can be less expensive and more responsive to ever-evolving threats. 

Partner with Nocturnal Technologies to ensure that your business is getting the protection it needs

SECaaS brings up-to-date security protocols and monitoring to businesses of all sizes, affordably and flexibly. It is crucial, though, that your company gets security services and not something masquerading as them. Some providers merely add a firewall as part of a cloud service and leave. Your business may need unique protections, and the professionals at Nocturnal are experts at identifying them and finding the perfect solution.  The benefits of working with us include:



The main reason why businesses switch to SECaaS is the hefty cost of hiring an in-house team.  With us, you can be sure that when you call our helpline, all the engineers are certified and knowledgeable with the highest level of professionalism.



We treat a client's business as if it was our own.  We have acquired certifications from some of the world's leading suppliers like Microsoft, Cisco, Dell, and others. 


Service Level Agreement

At Nocturnal Technologies, we strive every day to provide the best possible resolution as quickly as possible. Our "trade secret" for happy clients is quality over quantity.  Our engineers are ready to answer your call and strive to implement problem resolutions on a single call.


Risk Management Strategy

A good SECaaS provider ensures there's a risk management strategy in place. This serves as the safety net for your company. Our strategy minimizes threats to your infrastructure, and includes performing the proper updates and upgrades to ensure that the latest security controls are always in place.


Network monitoring

This involves more than simply signature-based monitoring. We capture traffic flowing in and out of your network and analyze the patters it creates that indicates security events. We know that prevention is better than a cure, and therefore monitor every activity in your infrastructure to ensure that malware, virus, and the likes are blocked before they can penetrate the system.

Our Security as a Service solutions aim to improve the security and protection of your network in a cost-effective way. We ensure a holistic risk management approach for your company in the areas of data protection, risk and compliance, threat management, and cyber security monitoring.

Call us today to learn more about our SECaaS solutions.

Security As A Service

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Copyright 2020 Nocturnal Technologies