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Create A Timeline And Budget For Migrating To Windows 10


Alright, so today we're gonna talk about creating a timeline and budget to help you migrate to Windows 10. Hello business owners, my name is Luis Rivera from Nocturnal Technologies and let's get started.

So, whether you want to do this yourself or you want to hire an IT company to help you do this migration, the most important thing you need to know is that you don't have to do all the steps at the same time. You can actually create a staggered timeline to help you migrate certain things at certain times, because some softwares may need different treatment than others.

Now, as far as budget, I highly recommend you work with an IT company so they can tell you exactly what needs to happen and how much is going to cost, rather than you just kind of putting a question mark in the air or trying to figure out, hey how much is this gonna cost, that's not really smart, so that's it for today I'll see you guys tomorrow.

Copyright 2020 Nocturnal Technologies

Copyright 2020 Nocturnal Technologies