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Why Managed IT Services?

You already have more than you can handle running your business, working with clients, paying the bills, dealing with employees, putting out fires.  You know how that feels.  And let's face it, the LAST thing you need to be worrying about is IT.

As technology becomes more of an integral part of your business, and cyberthreats such as viruses, hacking and ransomware are becoming more common, it is important more now than ever to stay up to date with the latest threats, which can be very difficult for small and medium sized businesses to be aware of and even more difficult to achieve.

If you do not have a dedicated IT person or department, do not worry – you DO NOT have to.  Nocturnal Technologies will be your dedicated IT team.  This will eliminate your need to employ an IT guy or gal and save you money!

If you do have dedicated IT personnel, Nocturnal Technologies can provide assistance, problem ticket reporting, and monitoring, etc. for your in-house team.  This can make their jobs easier and make your business run smoother.

What having Managed IT Services can do for you:

  • Reduce your labor costs and help control expenses.
  • Allow you to focus on running your business while we handle your your day to day IT needs.
  • Ensure your security and compliance needs are handled.  Is your antivirus software up to date?  Are your backups running?  Are your systems being patched properly?
  • Increase your office’s efficiency and productivity.
  • Give you access to experienced IT professionals.
  • Give you reports on the status of your network and your devices.

Nocturnal Technologies can help you sleep well at night by providing the best-in-class pro-active Managed IT Services for your business all for one low monthly rate.  This means that you get protection for your network and computers before something bad happens.

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Copyright 2020 Nocturnal Technologies

Copyright 2020 Nocturnal Technologies